‘When Life Gives You Lemons’ Get the look! Featuring Blair Waldorf & some Dolce look-alikes!




Obviously, I had to include Blair Waldorf in my little blog-closet, if you will. Gossip Girl aired right during my early high school years and the show was an instant favorite of mine. I definitely channeled Blair while trying to jazz up my private school uniform! (We weren’t allowed to wear super colorful tights at my school though! So sad!)Β I love how the stylists of the show utilized so many top couture names in all of the character’s outfits, but let’s be real here…not many of us can dress like that! I’ve put together an outfit that I personally think channels this style that Blair is portraying in the photos here! I aim to spend less money, while achieving a similar look! You’ll notice that I love to indulge on really versatile pieces, like shoes and bags! I like to include some ‘look-alike’ alternatives for those more pricey pieces as well!


When it comes to Blair Waldorf’s style, you can pretty much assume that every piece of fashion she wears is an expensive piece with a big name. Her Stella McCartney skirt retailed at easily $500+ when it was listed, and here I have found a pretty great look-alike a-line midi skirt for $16 on Amazon in that adorable lemon citrus print (the trick with Amazon is to always read the reviews and order a size up if the items are coming from Asian countries!).


I was inspired to make this look because I keep seeing citrus everywhere! Blair was before her time back in 2007-2008, wearing lemons!

Dolce & Gabbana haveΒ been peddling lemons since Spring 2016…hint, hint.


In effort to bring this look into 2017, I added a very cute crop top ($25) with some scalloping details! I always look for simple details like scalloped edges or zippers showing, because that really elevates a look without being over the top. Crop tops look adorable with a-line midi skirts!


Instead of Blair’s loud orange bag and shoes, I’ve added neutrals! Mainly, I did not want to introduce orange in my look because my skirt doesn’t have orange in it. I am also a sucker for neutrals that can used in tons of outfits! The Vince Camuto pumps ($150) are so Spring and Summer, and I love them!


I went with less expensive bags, because I feel like small bags can really imitate couture well so why splurge just to splurge, you know? ($13 & $25) Since I am all about taking a look I love and updating it to the season I am in (or about to be in), I made both bag options cross-body bags. Cropped tops and cross-bodies just look amazing together!

Plus – hands free!Β 

The jewelry is super simple and versatile! I love pieces like this, because they accent almost any outfit! ($65 – I’ve added a less expensive alternative in the Links list!)

I’ve also included a dress option, because it was just too cute not to include! I live for a cute shift dress and at $25, you cannot beat that! Dresses are my favorite because it’s just one piece of clothing, instead of separates! πŸ˜‰


If you are a vintage & Lilly Pulitzer lover like me, you might be up for the challenge of finding some white tag vintage Lilly in this adorable print (help me out here – what’s it called?)


Lastly, don’t forget that bright red lip! I personally love Kylie’s lipkits, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and there’s no stopping me!




Alternative Top (if you aren’t into cropped tops!)





Bucket Bag with tassels

Bangle cuff bracelet

Cheaper alternative bangle set (not pictured)

Liquid lip colorΒ 

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You know you love me… xoxo, GG



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