Lilly Look-Alike: ‘Bamboo Jungle’!

I know, I know…how could I betray Lilly like this! But in all honesty, sometimes a girl needs some more outfits and her budget just won’t budge for Lilly. Sad, I know.

I love to wear Lilly Pulitzer, I love to wear brights, and I really enjoy how effortlessly classy and preppy the entire brand and style is.

The original Lilly Pulitzer print ‘Bamboom’ is such a gorgeous and versatile print from Lilly Pulitzer! It’s hard to find as well! You can find yourself paying double and triple the original retail cost for this print on EBay and Poshmark.

Lilly Pulitzer print ‘Bamboom’

I’ve found a similar print by Caribbean Joe though, and I think it’s pretty cute as well! It’s called ‘Bamboo Jungle’. Hopefully, there’s no legal issues here, but hey, I am down for an inexpensive option personally! I would honestly consider this look a ‘dupe’ if I didn’t look closely. 

Lilly on the left, Caribbean Joe on the right – close, right?! 


You can find it HERE, for $44!

One great thing about Caribbean Joe too, they have plus size options so everyone can find something in their size!

I also feel like this Caribbean Joe print is close to the current fan-favorite, ‘Wade and Sea’ print from Lilly Pulitzer. I adore that print, and hopefully in the next few After Party Sales, I can score some Lilly pieces in it!

Lilly print ‘Wade and Sea’ on the right










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