‘Jammin’ with Jellies’ Workout & Day-time Casual Look – Featuring Lilly Pulitzer, Kenneth Jay Lane, Nike & Vineyard Vines!

After a few requests, I’ve finally put together two looks inspired by the ‘Jellies Be Jammin’ Lilly Pulitzer print that we all covet! Luxletic leggings from Lilly are so comfy and versatile, so I’ve made a work-out look and a daytime casual look! As always, the links to buy everything will be located at the very end of this post!

Work-out Look


For the work-out look, I’ve included two sneaker options, because I feel like the biggest issue people have with matching the JBJ print is with sneakers! I personally would be all about all white sneakers that go with every print ever, but my requests for this look were specifically for sneakers that somewhat matched the Luxletic JBJ pants!

jbj leggings.PNG
Lilly Pulitzer’s ‘Jellies Be Jammin’ Luxletic Weekender Leggings

First sneaker option:

Nike LunarGlides for $120

Second sneaker option:

New Balance for $130


It was so hard to find sneakers to completely match the new JBJ print!

With any work-out outfit, I like to pair a tank with a jacket or hoodie of some kind! For this particular Lilly print, I had such a hard time finding a great match, so when I did, I just did the same brand and color for the tank ($30) and running jacket ($70)! New Balance really hit the spot with their bright Guava pieces!

If you are like me, you like a pony-tail and a hat to cover up messy hair! I’ve added a cute Vineyard Vines baseball cap in coordinating colors ($36)! I’ve also included some matching hair-ties, a Life Factory glass water bottle and a FitBit!


Day-time Casual Look

These two looks took me a lot of time today, but I am super happy with everything that I’ve put together! I think I’ve found some seriously usable pieces and some items could be recycled and used in many outfits featuring Lilly Pulitzer brights! The best! 

I know that Lilly’s Luxletic Weekender Leggings cost a pretty penny, so I was not at all surprised to get requests for a day-time casual look as a well as work-out look! I think that Lilly’s leggings can really be jazzed up for a casual occasion, with the right top and accessories!

jbj casual.png

For this look, I’ve taken the same exact Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Weekender Leggings, in the print ‘Jellies Be Jammin’, and paired them with some great, fairly inexpensive pieces. I love to look couture and sophisticated, but on a budget!

For a top, I decided to hide that big work-out style waist band on the leggings with a crisp blouse! This blouse is a wonderful neutral white, so it would honestly work with every pair of Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Leggings you have! Score! This top has couture written all over it, but the price is so very right at $25!


As for jewelry with this look, I would skip a necklace, or wear a small personal piece, on a light chain, or a monogram. I would go simple, and neutral! I’ve saved the bright, show-off pieces for the earrings and bracelet!

Since we have such a neutral top with wild JBJ bottoms, I’ve decided to bring colors back in through jewelry! I’ve been loving a great tassel, so I’m excited about the jewelry I’ve pulled for you!

Earrings, by Kenneth Jay Lane ($40)


There’s a cost involved for these tassel earrings, but they match literally everything in my closet so they would get tons of use!

Tassels & Charms Bracelet ($8)


Ya’ll, I am so excited about this bracelet! I’m going to have a hard time not putting this in tons of my looks! It can go with literally anything! You can’t beat $8!

For a bag, I wanted to go with something feminine and simple, but still a cute color and shape. I’m a sucker for cross-bodies ($16).


I think with outfits like this, we wear our favorite go-to sandals like Jack Rogers, or maybe some Tory Burch Millers. For the sake of helping folks find similar looks at a fraction of the price, I’ve included a shoe option that is super affordable but still gives the vibe that a pair of Jack Rogers do! ($15)


And there you have it! You can get so much use out of your Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Weekender Leggings! I think my Day-time Casual look could go with any Lilly printed leggings! Enjoy!

LINKS for Work-out Look:


New Balance




Life Factory Glass Water Bottle

Baseball Cap

Hair ties



LINKS for Day-time Casual Look:






Cross body bag





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