Lilly Look-Alike: ‘She She Shells’

I think this is one of the more well known look-alikes! It’s often called a dupe! I personally wouldn’t consider it a duplicate, because I can very easily see the difference between the Lilly Pulitzer ‘She She Shells’ print and Mud Pie’s ‘Starfish Breeze’ print. I think that the color scheme is right on par, but the designs of the starfish and shells are different and Mud Pie’s print design is smaller in general. These details make this a look-alike in my opinion!

she she shells.png
Lilly Pulitzer’s ‘She She Shells’ on the left, and Mud Pie’s ‘Starfish Breeze’ on the right 

Nevertheless, it’s super cute and only $44! Get it HERE! (You can even get it monogrammed! Cute!)

Here’s the print close up from Lilly Pulitzer:

Lilly Pulitzer print ‘She She Shells’


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