Holy Chloé/Marc Fisher Look-alikes, ya’ll!

I’ve been watching Insta a lot lately and everyone, I mean everyone is wearing these super cute Marc Fisher Adalyn espadrille wedges and I am living for them! They are $159-$160 depending on where you shop, and I would love a real pair, but I just cannot spend that kind of money on shoes right now! Obviously, you know I had to spend the evening looking for a look-alike or a dupe…and I totally found one! Yay! 

Marc Fisher’s on the left, and our very close look-alike on the right (I’d almost call it a dupe, if it weren’t for the slight platform difference!) from Steve Madden! At DSW, these Steve Madden Jaylen espadrille wedges come in at only $59.95Literally $100 less than the high end versions! SCORE! 

I just ordered a pair! xxoo

(Let it be known too, that Marc Fisher’s are the go-to dupes for Chloe espadrille wedges, which retail at $620-660! So you’ll really be rocking the look for a fraction of the cost!)


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