‘Beaded, Fringed, Tassels and Bright’ – Featuring Kendra Scott, Sophia & Kate, Lisi Lerch, J Crew, Baublebar, and more!

I’ve been MIA for about a month, due to needing time to heal after losing my grandmother in March and struggling with a lot of asthma issues this Spring. 

Summer is coming, Graduation is looming for a lot of us, counting down ’til Vacations is getting fun because the number is starting to be in the single-digits! To finish off any fun outfit, you need accessories! I’ve been browsing the internet and Pinterest a lot while I’ve been resting at home, and I think that the cutest summer-y look has to be bright tassel earrings! I am drooling over Lisi Lerch earrings, and I am pretty sure I’ve saved every pair to my Wishlist on Pinterest!

As always, the links to find everything I’ve mentioned will be at the end of my post! 

Lisi Lerch

my lisi lerch faves.png

With prices like $80-100 per pair, Lisi Lerch is not yet in my wardrobe, but I’m hoping for a pair someday soon! I think that Lisi has a great selection of colors and styles that really accentuate any resort or vacation wear! I could see myself wearing some of the smaller styles to Graduation or even work! The gold-tone ‘Ginger’ earrings are almost always sold out! 

> Easy beaded tassel look-alike for $39, Lucky Brand Stone & Bead Tassel Earrings!


Does anyone else look at Bravo-lebrities for style inspiration? I’m so guilty of it! Anywho, Cameran Eubanks Wimberly from Southern Charm (all-time fave of mine on Bravo), has been rocking a lot of Lisi’s styles and it’s obvious why! Lilly Pulitzer x Lisi Lerch is a match made in Heaven, ya’ll! 

Sophia & Kate

I recently spotted these fun fringed + tassel earrings and bracelets from Sophia & Kate at Burlington Coat Factory! Each pair was no more than $8-9, and I think that is such a steal for a great Spring/Summer earring that you might wear a few times with some neutrals, or even brights like Lilly Pultizer pieces!

My personal photos of these earrings are atrocious, but we’ll blame that on my sub par phone camera and the fact that I am on like 10 asthma medications!

Kendra Scott 

Kendra Scott.png

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I enjoy watching Below Deck (another Bravo show – I told you I was guilty!). I spotted Chief Stewardess Kate wearing the blue Skylar’s (arrowhead shaped above) and I had to find them for myself! When I first saw these earrings, I had never even heard of Kendra Scott. I credit Kate from Below Deck for knowing all about Kendra’s now!

 Kendra Scott prices vary, but you can expect each pair to be at least $50+ used, and more like $70+ new.

Always browse BST boards, Poshmark, Ebay, and Mercari for these and you will get super great deals! Earrings are super simple to clean when you buy them consigned!

I’ve really enjoyed seeing how people style their outfits with bright pops of color from Kendra’s lines! I am finding that I l like past seasons better than Spring/Summer 2017 though. 


I decided to put these together, because they are so close in styles and usually found in the same stores together anyways. I spotted these fun selections at Burlington Coat Factory! I always see these kind of brights at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross too though! (Bonus points if you find Lilly Pulitzer in any of those stores! I have yet to, here in MD!) 

My daughter finally made a cameo on my blog! She loves to shop! 😉 Again, my crappy phone photos will have to do! I thought they were better in the store, I swear. 

J Crew

j crew

J Crew is definitely like a more upscale version of Old Navy & Gap, and I really enjoy a lot of their pieces! Most specifically, their jewelry options for S17! Beaded, tasseled, fringe, boho-beach-bum, citrus…and in a rainbow of colors! I didn’t even bother linking each earring…I just linked the entire J Crew jewelry page! Trust me, at those great prices, you’ll want to browse all of them too! 

Target’s Sugarfix by Baublebar Line


I was so excited when Target came out with their Sugarfix by Baublebar line, because at $10-14 per earring set, I could totally rationalize buying a couple wild and bright earrings for the Spring/Summer! I am all about the beaded tassels, and you know I need them in every color!



Lisi Lerch – Earrings

Kendra Scott – Earrings

Lucky Brand Stone & Bead Tassel Drop Earrings

Sophia & Kate on Poshmark

J Crew Jewelry

Target’s Sugarfix by Baublebar Line


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