The ‘Little White Dress’ – Graduation Dress Ideas

My Graduation is coming up and I’ve really gone back and forth a lot on my outfits. I’ve tried to find something that works great for me, but I am really indecisive about it because at this moment in my life, white is not a flattering color!Β Can I wear a little black dress under my regalia?!Β I’m totally wearing a Lilly Paradis dress for my Graduation Awards Ceremony, but for my Graduation, I wanted to be traditional even though it’s not a dress-code at my Uni.

A lot of schools have a ‘little white dress’ dress-code for College Graduation! In the South, Lilly Pulitzer white dresses are the uniform! I’m all about LP, but I know that buying a white shift dress for a one-day-wear is an expense! Here in Maryland, we don’t really know if we are Northern or Southern, so we are a hodge-podge of both! πŸ˜‰

For this post, I’ve included some fun Lilly picks, along with some similar styles that I think gals like me will enjoy because they give off that same classic look with a fraction of the price-tag!

As always, the links will be at the end of my post!Β 

Lilly Pulitzer – ‘The Lilly White DressΒ 

Lilly Whites will always be the most classic!

This gorgeous ‘Calera’ shift is steep at $288, but it really is a show-stopper!

My all-time favorite Lilly White, is definitely the ‘Pearl’ shift, in resort white. It’s super hard to find, and you’ll need to have EBay alerts set and let the ladies in the Lilly BST groups on Facebook know that you are in search of one! Pricing varies, based on how much or little someone is willing to part with their shift for!


Keep reading for some rather similar styles from other brands that might fit your budget more!Β 

Jessica Simpson – Macy’sΒ 

At just $98, this Embellished Halter Shift ($98) gives off the same timeless and elegant look that a high end brand does. I really enjoy the yoke-neck halter on this! It’s very understated, but it still has that classic shift look that we love from LP! Both Jessica Simpson pieces are under $100!


I am a total sucker for scalloped edges! I think it’s huge this Spring/Summer, and Victoria Beckham’s line at Target is evidence of that! This Scalloped Shift is only $89!


Yes, you read that right! Target has some really nice pieces for less than $30. I actually ordered this OTS + fit and flare white dress to try for my Graduation outfit. I’m going to have to see how it fits on me, but I think it’s adorable!


Target has a ton of options for a lot of body styles too, so definitely give their site a look! I’ve never seen a lot of selection in the stores, like I do on the site! Dress sizes range from XXS-XXL, which gives a lot of girls a lot of options!

Since I am graduating in May 2017, and my campus is HUGE, I am totally wearing gold ‘Jack Rogers’ look-alikes.Β I’ll post my Jack Rogers look-alike secrets in another post soon! πŸ˜‰

Congratulations – Class of 2017!Β 



Lilly Pulitzer ‘Calera’ Shift Dress

Lilly Pulizter ‘Pearl’ Shift Dress in White – SearchΒ 

Scalloped Jessica Simpson Shift Dress

Embellished Halter Jessica Simpson Shift DressΒ 

Target OTS + Fit and Flare Dress


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