Summer Bags with Kate Spade & Lookalikes!

summer bags

Graduations are happening every weekend, vacations are planned, suitcases are packed, and it’s the season to get out the most colorful and fun outfits and accessories! I’ve rounded up some of my personal favorites from the Kate Spade Surprise Sale, as well as some look-alikes! I like to do look-alikes, because I personally like to take risks with trends at a cheaper price point first.

Also, if you are planning to visit places like Disney World, you might not even want to carry a name brand bag. It could get wet, dirty, lost, you name it! Sometimes, it just makes more sense to carry a $20 bag instead! 

As always, the links to find all items will be at the end of my post! But please note, some of my favorite Summer bags from Kate Spade are not sold in stores any more, and you might have to hit Poshmark or Tradesy (Consignment)!


This super cute “Take a Walk on the Wild Side Jules” – Flamingo Tote by Kate Spade is only $149, thanks to the Kate Spade Surprise Sale! It’s usually $398! I think the colors would go wonderfully with tons of summer outfits (especially Lilly Pulitzer, Gretchen Scott, and Vineyard Vines). I’m a tote girl, and I always need tons of stuff with me at all times, and my big bags double as a ‘diaper bag’ too.

Fun, Flamingo Lookalikes 

This bag is very casual compared to the Kate Spade tote, but it’s still cute and it would be perfect for a Disney day because it’s canvas and matches so many things! At $3.90 from Forever 21, it’s really a super cute option for a crossbody with a pop of flamingos!

cat and jack

Has anyone else noticed how amazing the Cat & Jack section is at Target? It’s really great! I just wish it was in women’s sizes…and not girls! This Cat & Jack crossbody bag is really adorable, and only $9.99! It’s not the same quality as a Kate Spade, but it does look more like the textures we find on Kate Spade bags! I would also consider this to be a perfect Disney day bag, if all you need is a phone and wallet!


This Watermelon clutch is so cute, and sadly, it’s not sold at Kate Spade any more (that I know of). It’s easy to find though; you just need to search ‘Kate Spade Watermelon Clutch’ and you will find some ‘new with tags’ (NWT) or used options on Poshmark, Tradesy, EBay, or even Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade groups! Expect prices to be $200+ and below, as it varies according to the wear and tear, etc.

Here’s another Kate Spade Watermelon moment!

KateSpade Watermelon Tote.PNG

You can find this one online via consignment and resale, by searching ‘Kate Spade Watermelon Tote’.

Watermelon Lookalikes 

ASOS watermelon clutch.PNG

This clutch is super sold out everywhere, but I did manage to find it at AliExpress for $11.98! It’s also available on sites like ASOS, but the price varies on this watermelon clutch. I really like wristlet clutches personally, so this is a great option for someone like me! It’s not exactly like the Kate Spade clutch, but it has that same touch of whimsy!

Yay for Totes! I love totes! This one is $24.99 from Forever 21! It’s faux leather, and the price is really right for taking a risk with a bright, loud summer tote bag! I could see this being super cute with a white dress or a chambray top! I could use it day-time and poolside, since it would have room for a lot of my stuff!

KATE SPADE – Classic 

I am actually more of a classics girl when it comes to designers, so out of all of these Kate Spade bags, this is the one I would probably splurge for. I would get the most use out of something that was neutral and classic. This gorgeous “Cove Street Colorblock Small Felix” by Kate Spade, is only $109 right now! This bag is usually $398! I love black and white color blocking, so it’s an aesthetically pleasing option!

Black & White Lookalike 

Since I am a budget gal, I always look for the lookalikes and the ‘next best thing’. I change my style so often and accessories often get beat up quickly when they are used daily for work and life, so I like to have cheaper alternatives to use for daily-use rather than wrecking my $300+ bags! This cute black and white satchel is $27.90 from Forever 21!


For those of us recently graduated and graduating, CONGRATS, Class of 2017!

Summer ’17 is going to be one for the books!


Take a Walk on the Wild Side Jules – Flamingo Tote by Kate Spade $149 (Usually $398)

Flamingo Graphic Tote from Forever 21 $3.90

Flamingo Cross Body Bag (Flamingos) from Cat & Jack Target $9.99

Watermelon Faux Leather Tote from Forever 21 $24.99

Cove Street Colorblock Small Felix – by Kate Spade $109 (Usually $398)

Contrast Crossbody Satchel from Forever 21

ASOS Watermelon Clutch $15.50

*Also from AliExpress $11.89





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